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Department of Applied commerce


The Department of Applied Commerce offering B.Com (Computer Applications) and B.Com(Information Technology) .To the knowledge about the subjects through quality education. The course involves design and development of programs like MS-Office, C, C++, Oracle Tally, VB, Internet and Web design, HTML, RDBMS and Multimedia The department conducts Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and takes students to industrial visit.

            The department prepares students to pursue post Graduation Courses and professional courses like CA, ICWA. The course provides dual employment opportunities in the field of both Commerce and IT.The department grooms the students as outstanding professionals in harmony with corporate expectation.

Highlights of this Course

            B.Com(CA) and is a 3- year undergraduate course designed to impart advanced learning to students in the discipline of Commerce, particularly involving the application of software technology for professional requirements, merging the academic specialties of Commerce and Computer Applications. Students opting to undergo a course in B.Com (Computer Applications) learn not only the subjects of Commerce, but are also taught to use the software technology for their professional requirements.

            The course bridging commerce and computer applications helps them to become smart and employable. Training in Computer Applications in the field of commerce is an extra mileage in placements. It has an innovative modern curriculum. After the completion of the course, one can join any of the following programmes namely: MBA, MCA, M.Com, M.Com, (CA), ACS, CA, MIB, MSW.

Why choose this Course?

            Taking a sound decision during college as regards the subject to study or the stream to follow can prove to be a very important decision of one’s life. It is based on this decision that a person may make or break his/her career. Therefore it is wise to get ample counseling and before sighted as to which subjects would always be evergreen. One of the subjects, which is at its all-time high and would always remain is indeed computer science. There was a time when there was nothing like computer science which existed, but today there almost nothing which can be finished without the help of computers. The demand of computer application has made it one of the most selected subjects among college students.

Following are few of the reason that makes computer application as one of the most popular subjects among college students

  • Everything has a bit of computer in today’s world there is nothing, which is complete without computer. There is something or the other which involves the use of computers application is some way of the other. Whether it is manufacturing, service, packaging, retailing, something or everything has a component of computing in it.
  • Computing Has Made Thing Easier- As mentioned above, everything has something or the other in itself which involves computing, the reason behind this is ,that by making use of computing application ,things have become so much simpler and easier. Not that it cannot be done without computing but, it would rather be more cumbersome and work out to be more expensive
  • Computing Increase Accuracy- Computer application involves complex codes which have been tested and quality assured therefore there is a very little possibility of errors and mistakes, which ultimately increase accuracy and thus results in high quality
  • Lucrative Career Option-Because of all the above reason,  computer application is on its all-time high and offers a very lucrative career opportunities. Since all business are making use of computer applications therefore, there are more and more computer related jobs, which are willing to offer handsome salaries.
  • Computer Jobs Are Evergreen-The computer era has just begun and it is here to stay. Since the results of computer application has been very positive as it has increase quality as well as resulted in reducing cost therefore more advanced and versatile applications have been developed. The computer applications are becoming more and more advanced which has brought about a greater number of job opportunities.
  • Computer Applications Provide Flexibility- With the help of computer application, the work can be done from various locations, and this not only benefits the industry but also the workforce. It has made the entire world as a global village where there is nothing called the time and distance barriers.
  • Computer Application Helps To Foster Other Careers As Well- If you are not directly interested in making a career in computer application, still it is worthwhile to learn the basics of computers as it can help in providing a cutting edge for other jobs such as healthcare, teaching, banking etc.

There are end numbers of advantages of studying Computer Application which is beneficial for both the industry as well as the people who are delivering services.

What Knowledge to be gained.

            With an increase in business and commerce, the need for newer applications which can ease the process of transactions and other workings has been on a verge. B.Com. Computer Science course integrates together the areas of commerce and computer science building a new genre for carrying on the workings of an organization.

            The program branches together commerce and science of computer in order to solve the work related to accounts and programming. Candidates are required to put in rigorous practice and concentration to imbibe the skills needed to understand the subject at length. Being familiar with the knowledge of programming, computer hardware, and software, as well as having a general interest in the areas of mathematics and science proves to be beneficial for this course. They are skilled with the intricacies of gaining an insight into the core electrical and computer subjects including electrical systems, electronics, design and modeling, and circuits

Course Structure.

In the first year the students are provided with basic information about information technology and basic accounts and computer language C++,.  Considering the understanding level of the students by conducting post admission test the students are given special coaching for improving their language and mathematical ability.

In the second year advance knowledge oriented papers both in commerce and computer subject like corporate  accounting II, Internet and Web design are provided to ensure improvement of the knowledge in practical oriented curriculum. Further to get knowledge in Hindi, Malayalam and French other languages are provided to students at their option

Before the commencement of Final years during the vacation, months of may all  II year students are sent to In-plant training to various reputed industries in Tirupur and Coimbatore for a period of 30 days to get updated and practical knowledge in the modern practices followed in the industry. It is mandatory for all the students.. In the third years skill based and elective courses are offered to mould the students to get thorough knowledge in commerce related areas and also in computer courses like JAVA, HTML , Cost Accounting and Management Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing etc are provided.


            The college provides need-based curriculum considering the expectation of the employer and requirement of the industry. The Board of studies is conducted regularly (twice in a year) to consider and make changes in the syllabi which provides opportunities for growth to all the students and helps to get better placement by all the students.


Course Duration - 3 years

Career Opportunities and Outcomes.

  1. List the career Opportunities for all the Specialization and its outcomes
  • Computer Operator
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • CAD Application Support Technician
  • Computer Assistant
  • Prof./Associate Prof./ Professor - Computer Applications
  • Computer Application Specialist and Accounts Assistant
  • Computer Programmer
  • Applications Developer - Informatics
  • Computer - Laboratory Technician
  • Computer Scientist / Member Technical Staff
  • Clerk-Cum-Computer Operator

            PO1: Graduates will be able to develop strong understanding of core Commerce and Computer Application courses. 
: Able to take up challenging career options in Commerce and IT sector.
            PO3:  Motivated to pursue higher education.
            PO4: Gain updated knowledge to take up employment.
            PO5: Become ethically and socially responsible commerce graduates with computer application


            PSO1: Graduates will gain a strong foundation of knowledge in different areas of Commerce and Computer Application courses. 
            PSO2: Graduates will be able to do pursue higher education and take-up jobs in the field of Commerce and Computer Applications.
            PSO3: To develop an attitude for working effectively and efficiently in a business environment.

Fees Structure.

  • 15000 per semester, Admission fees Rs.3000 (one -time payment during the course period)

Rs.1500 per year for soft skill training throughout the year and Rs.1500 per year for Association activities in the department as well as in the college.

  • Scholarship Details.

The college provides scholarship to the students based on the marks obtained in the +2. The concession in the tuition is applicable for three years. Further the college take initiatives to get the scholarship from the government for the eligible students in SC & ST communities from the government and from other agencies those who support the weaker section by providing scholarship.


Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Textile Industries in Tirupur and Coimbatore,  ICICI Bank, HDFC, HDB, Indusind Bank, IDBI, Kodak Mahendra Bank, Professional courier, Air port Gound duty Office, Chennai, Logistic Companies in Tirupur.

Entry requirements (eligibility requirements).

Pass in + 2 in all branches offered by the State board, Matriculation and CBSC