Maintenance and Campus Beauty

5 Member Infrastructure committee
21 Full Time permanent Skilled workers

4 Annual maintenance contracts
Casual laborers are invited too

Vehicles restricted to Vehicle Stand
Orderly plantations of Trees and Plants

Proper Fencing, Drainage and  Garbage disposal  system
Student Volunteers are involved

Review at the end of every academic year to plan new purchases
Sudden and unexpected damages are rectified immediately
Optimum Utlisation

Increase in intake of students
New Courses started

Extended timings for Internet and Computing
Infrastructure offered to External Agencies
AMC’s have been signed for maintenance for UPS , intercom, Air Conditioner and water doctor.
Infrastructure- Costume Design and Fashion

2400 Square Feet
61  Well advanced Sewing machines

9 Cutting tables
Fitting Room Facility
Testing lab for Dyeing, Printing and Textile processing
Quality Control Lab
Materials fostering to the creativity of 136 designers