B.Sc Maths (CA)

Aim of the Course:

This programme is aimed at producing graduates in Mathematics who have strong knowledge and skills in the field of Mathematics encompassing coherent theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. It is developed and proposed with the intention to increase the number of qualified Mathematics graduates in the country required by different agencies.

  1. To equip students with knowledge of the axiomatic nature of mathematics, and enable them to work creatively within this framework.
  2. Provide students with a thorough knowledge of fundamental mathematical facts, and solve problems which can be analyzed mathematically.
  3. Provide high quality and relevant education in the field of Mathematics.
  4. Expose the students to the applications of physical and mathematical principles.



            HSC passed (should have studied Mathematics in HSC)



Three years regular programme


Job opportunities:

Science and technology plays an important role in the economic development of any country. The economy of a country by and large depends on science and technological knowledge its citizens have. Mathematics, being the Queen of all sciences, gives an advantage over the other subjects to understand and develop modern technologies. So it becomes important for any country to offer courses in pure and applied mathematics for the aspiring citizens. Further, industries such as Education, Telecommunications, Finance, Banking, Hydropower, Information Technology, Government and private agencies using demographic data etc. require people who are trained with basic knowledge and skills in Mathematics.