Department of English


            To enable the study of texts in historical, cultural contexts, develop an appreciation of the specific contexts that condition the representation of allegedly universal concepts and an appreciation of how our own historical, cultural location affects our understanding of literature. Familiarize students with and enable them to apply traditional and modern theories of literary, cultural criticism. Develop student’s power of critical, analytical thinking alongside an appreciation of the interrelationship between texts, together with an ability to apply such techniques to sophisticated primary, secondary texts. Develop skills for employment, further study both discipline related and transferable to their contexts. Sustain, enhance a body of knowledge about, and critical appreciation of, literature and other cultural forms, in preparation for postgraduate study, professional careers. 


            B.A English Literature - A Pass in +2 (Any Group)


            Three years regular programme

Objectives of the Course:

            The English department has established the following objectives for the undergraduate English majors. They reflect the basic subject matter and skills we would like our majors to learn from the core requirements of the English major.

  1. Understand the relationship of literature and rhetoric to history and culture. Understand the history of literature in English in terms of major periods and authors.
  2. Write clearly and fluently in multiple genres and organize coherently and logically.
  3. Understand and implement several literary and rhetorical theories and related the study of discourse in English to other disciplines.